Evaluate the Integral \(\int_{0}^{\infty} x^{s-1} \cos(2\pi ax) \mathrm{d}x\)

How to evaluate
\int\limits_{0}^{\infty} x^{s-1} \cos(2\pi ax) \mathrm{d}x
was part of a question posed at Mathematics Stack Exchange. Note that this is the Mellin transform of the indicated cosine function.

The original answer that I provided required some rather questionable steps regarding the limits of integration, so here I provide another solution that avoids such difficulties.

In Volume 2 of Higher Transcendental Functions (Bateman Manuscript), Section 9.10, Equation 1 we have a generalization of the fresnel integrals attributed to Bohmer:
\mathrm{C}(x,a) &= \int\limits_{x}^{\infty} z^{a-1} \cos(z) \mathrm{d}z \\
&= \frac{1}{2} \Big[\mathrm{e}^{i\pi a/2} \Gamma(a,-ix) + \mathrm{e}^{-i\pi a/2} \Gamma(a,ix)\Big]

\mathrm{C}(0,a) = \int\limits_{0}^{\infty} z^{a-1} \cos(z) \mathrm{d}z
= \Gamma(a) \cos\left(\frac{\pi}{2}a\right)

For our integral, let \(z=2\pi ax\):
\int\limits_{0}^{\infty} x^{s-1} \cos(2\pi ax) \mathrm{d}x
= (2\pi a)^{-s} \int\limits_{0}^{\infty} z^{s-1} \cos(z) \mathrm{d}z
= (2\pi a)^{-s} \Gamma(s) \cos\left(\frac{\pi}{2}s\right)

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